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Social Media and the Hispanic Market: A Way to Connect with Relatives Back Home

April 7, 2009

Research suggests that Hispanics are adopting Internet usage at a faster rate than the general population but the question many frequently ask is how they are using it. It is interesting to know that Social Networks are playing a key role.

According to a study done by Dr. Felipe Korzenny from Florida State University, Hispanics are more likely to have a Web site than African Americans, Asians, and Non-Hispanic Whites. It was unclear how the study defined a Website but Dr. Korzenny believes that this surprising finding could be the result of a significant amount of immigrants wanting to share their lives with their relatives living back home or across the U.S.

If we understand “Web site” as a very generic and blurred term used by the general public to describe presence in the online world, we will find that the results of Dr. Korzenny seem to be supported by a recent study done by Mintel. According to them, Hispanics are more likely to have profiles on social networking websites than non-Hispanics. Nearly half (48%) own such a profile, versus 43% of Black Americans and 31% of Whites.

Whether Dr. Korzenny’s theory about why Hispanics show a more prominent presence on the Web requires more scientific support, but there is some truth to it. Why? Because it is known that Hispanics have a collectivistic mindset. Family is usually a priority for the majority of Latinos. It definitely plays a very important role. Add the fact that many of us are immigrants in this great nation. We left long term friendships and relatives in our country of origin, and the fact that Social Media networks such as MySpace and Facebook have facilitated the tools to create profiles (Websites to some), share photos and stay connected with friends and family, just made the world a whole lot easier for many of us.

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