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How not to suck at marketing yourself

May 7, 2009

Abel Garcia knows something about marketing and advertising.  He is past owner of twelve Dairy Queen restaurants in the Houston market.  At one time Mr. Garcia employed more than two hundred eager beaver burger flippers.  When he went to work in management for Jack in the Box he perfected his knowledge to a science of food preparation and fast service. 

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, he decided to get into the executive search business.  Abel is well known in the Houston Hispanic community.  He has served as past president of The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and sits on the boards’ of several non-profit organizations.

With over a decade of experience in the executive search business he has used all his combined knowledge to write a book on marketing yourself.  He is on a mission to help those persons committed to not settling for any ole job.  He forces one to take inventory of one’s talents and past successes to help one develop the confidence to get the  desired job. 

Abel at Univsion Studios prior to taping

At Univsion Studios prior to taping a news segment

This head hunter turned self help guru is on to something.  His book is easy to follow with several real case examples of portfolios he created for past clients.  As soon as I finish assembling my presentation I’ll be on my way to finding a new employer. If you buy his book tell him I sent you.

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