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Hispanic advertising low on relevancy high on cheesiness

May 8, 2009

According to Yankelovich’s 2007/2008 MONITOR Multicultural Marketing Study, African American and Hispanic customers are almost twice as likely to “enjoy looking at or listening” to advertising than their peers, but most find current messaging is not relevant.. The study shows that only 25% of African American. Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White consumers feel that today’s marketing is both personally and culturally relevant to their lives. To make brands more attractive to a multicultural audience, brand managers need to implement integrated marketing strategies which address life-stage and personal interests in addition to cultural values.” 

One of the controversial topics in Hispanic advertising is how cheesy, full of sexual overtones, and poorly designed it is.  When I first arrived in Houston four years ago I went to work for a Spanish newspaper.  I did extensive research to get the layout of land.  Most of my past radio experience was transferable but I wanted to know more.  I read scholarly articles and collected every print publication I could get my hands on.   

I found the good the bad and the dogs in local advertising.  It’s easy to spot ads created by an ad agency that is following a strategy.  When I looked closer I saw ample opportunity to convert some of those cheesy sucking ads into stellar home runs that would move the needle. 

The first target was a national company that was launching a new product.  Having previously branded a company in that industry I called  to get an appointment with the regional manager.  After numerous tries I left him a message telling him he did not know what he was doing with the marketing and advertising of the new launch.  That’s the power of engagement!  I don’t know if he was interested or interested in meeting the ballsy lowly advertising sales rep who had the gall to criticize his brain child. 

This was the start of a long lasting friendship and my first key account.  I had done so much with so little, I thought I could do a whole lot more with still very little.  To make a long story short, I made this little girl famous! She was discovered and went on to do a modeling gig for Abercrombie & Fitch. 

Jasmin the little pitch girl

Jasmin the little pitch girl

My creative was used in other states in Hispanic publications. Advertising to me is not a mere pitch but the Mona Lisa.

The moral of this story is that relevancy can exponentially give you a good ROI.  The current challenge is to get an apathetic marketplace that is price conscious.

To quote a famous ad, “Neighbor when was the last time you reviewed your Hispaic Advertising?  Well that’s too long.”  Call today on any one of our distinguised blogueros to save and make money.

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