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Delta deals in green for green

May 18, 2009

Delta Ruiz green green extraordinaire

Delta Ruiz was green when Green was not a buzz word for people conscious of ecology. She is the founder and owner of Houston Environmental Green Resources a full service Landscaping business.  To hear Ms. Ruiz speak about plants and color for a property, is like hearing a very knowledgeable fashion consultant talk about the best selection of dress and accessories.

Delta in her environment

How does Delta compete and succeed in an industry that is dominated by men?   Through knowledge, competitive pricing and sheer moxy.  She is not shy in showing up at a commercial site and giving the prospect out of the box creative ideas on how to create curb appeal. 

Where does she come up with an impressive portfolio of such appealing designs?  Through self study, years of on the job experience as an employee in the industry and travel to Italy.  That’s right! She is the Marco Polo of exotic gardens and designs in the Mediterranean.  In fact she is so in love with aesthetic gardens of Italy that she is working hard to someday retire there. 

How can one keep the lights on, provide employment for twenty employees and still grow in spite of the economic tough times?  In Delta’s words, “By getting out and networking in five different groups.”  Her charisma and down to earth demeanor is warm and inviting. Ask her a question about plants and her face lights up as though she was an actress making her grand entrance on Broadway.  Ms. Ruiz exemplifies a professional that happens to be Hispanic. In her words, “Si se puede.”

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