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Tamales Dona Tere the next KFC

May 20, 2009

Houston-Pedro is an immigrant entrepreneur from Mexico City with an MBA from the school of hard knocks,…….the street.  You see as a small boy he sold tamales in one of the largest metropolitan city in the FB2world.  This vast experience has given him a sixth sense for business.  He has strategically opened four locations in Houston, where you can try out his jumbo size tamales.  He is well on his way to carving out his portion of the Houston market with unique family recipe.  He is so passionate about his restaurants that he wants to become the Mexican Colonel Sanders of tamales. 

The stories of successful street vendors are endless and full of drama and paradoxes.  One dichotomy I have found in handling advertising for these first generation business owners is letting  go of the micro control they have over every aspect of their business.  It’s understandable given their trajectory of trial and error decisions that for some have been very costly.  

Fresh made tamales with atole

Fresh made tamales with atole

Given the current state of the economy, when do you advertise and market? 

 All the time! 

Right now advertising is a bargain due to the supply and demand cycle.  Old media is using a mantra of advertise or shut down!  While Tamales Dona Tere does some advertising Pedro has a lifetime of experience of direct marketing door to door, in street corners, in front of stadiums, flea markets, and anywhere he can find warm or cold bodies.  In  his mind he would laugh hysterically if you told him he should advertise or he will go out of business.  The irony is that the voice of one person with a good pitch can be done using old and new media to reach the masses. 

KFC and every famous national brand was built by a team.  Show me a good ad agency with the right strategy and a winning product and I will show you a future success.  Houston is a launch pad for many Hispanic successes. 

Pedro Gonzales has seventeen types of tamales to appease the most discriminating taste buds.  In fact some flavors are sold out for the day by lunch time.  If you want to be transported to a chilly morning in Mexico City, then you must have some tamales with atole. I guarantee you, you will get your money’s worth not atole con un dedo.

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