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Combining Old School and New School Marketing to Target Hispanic Home Buyers

August 4, 2009

Luz Wynne is a Houston REALTOR® currently working for a real estate firm that, not only understands the importance of just plain old networking, but also sees the value of the tools provided by new marketing vehicles such as social media.

Luz is an immigrant from Venezuela who became a Realtor about one year ago. Her understanding of the Hispanic market made it ideal to focus her business in Latinos either relocating from other states or simply moving to a new home in the Houston area. For Luz, tapping on this segment of the market involved two things: First, joining key Hispanic organizations, such as the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where she networks constantly with Hispanic business owners and entrepreneurs. Second, implementing a simple strategy for Internet marketing. The goal? Increase her presence over the Internet. The reason? In the real estate business, having presence in the main search engines can be used to generate leads and also to build trust. She knows well that the Internet is one of the main sources of information for her customers so her focus was to generate articles for a local publisher and for her own blog, as well as to post informational videos in YouTube and generate profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn. For Luz, the results so far have been very positive.

What can small start-ups learn about Luz’s experience? Networking through organizations allows companies to take the step forward. It’s good to get you started because you get the opportunity to profile your customers and generate awareness but, in order to continue to build a lead, you have to make yourself be found in the Search Engines by using several Social Media network and also Search Engine Marketing strategies and tactics. If the lead generated through networking has an interest, expect this individual to search for you over the Internet. A potential costumer will want to know more about you and your business. Not finding you or finding the wrong or out of date information can immediately disintegrate a new business opportunity.

Know more about Luz Wynne a REALTOR® of REALM Properties, LLC by visiting her Website at

Key data from the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Houston Total Hispanic Population: 1,953,631 100,00%
Hispanic or Latino: 730,865 37,41%
Mexican: 527,442 27,00%
Puerto Rican: 6,906 0.35%
Other Hispanic or Latino: 191,547 9.80%
Not Hispanic or Latino 1.222,766 62.59%
White (Alone) 601,851 30.81%

Half of the Nation’s Hispanic population lives in California or Texas.

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  1. Yajaira Bravo permalink
    November 7, 2009 5:37 am

    Luz is very persistant in anything she does. She works very hard to get in short period of time evrything that takes to become excellent.

    She has de the discipline, the vision, the entrepeneur spirit to persuit until she get things done.

    I see a very bright future in this Hispanic lady that try to help the community with her volunteer services, dedication to help people no matter what and her energy is unlimited.

    I am sure buying or selling your home, buying or selling a coomercial property, she has the right people to give you what you need, the right information.

    Serious, honest and she will work really hard to defend your best interest.

    Yajaira Bravo.
    Houston, TX


  1. Luz Wynne : Hispanic Marketing wrote a blog about me and my services...take a look.

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