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Cricket Takes Significant Steps to Penetrate Its Brand in the Hispanic Market

September 4, 2009

Cricket may not be making as much noise in the airwaves as the other mega telecoms – at least in Houston – but it’s definitely taking significant steps to reach out to the non-acculturated Hispanic market.

Increasing its efforts to reach the Latino population makes absolute sense to the telecom company, after all, almost 30% of its customers are of Hispanic origin. This is a significant difference compared to other telecom companies whose Hispanic customer base reaches only 11%. In order to cater this segment of the market, one of the major and most recent steps taken by this telecom company is the development of a Web site for its Spanish speaking customers, which was launched in June of 2009. The site ( is — at least to my perception — a mirror of the general market site but, as opposed to other corporate sites in which the Home page and a few sub pages are translated, the Cricket Spanish site really stands on its own.

Cricket Web site Espanol

Cricket Web site Espanol

Another key component of Cricket’s reach out efforts to the Hispanic market relies probably in its distribution. According to Peggy Tsai, who manages marketing for Cricket in the Houston area, the telecom company owns several stores in the area. On top of that, it operates retail spaces through premier dealers and also works with additional standard dealers who sell Cricket’s products among other wireless service brands in their retail space. More? Cricket also distributes through big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Dollar General.

Cricket is also creating strong outreach efforts with key Hispanic organizations. They recently sponsored an event of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in which they reached out to small Latino business owners. They also sponsor other key Hispanic events such as “Fiestas Patrias” and “Dia de la Madre.” Radio is also an important component of their efforts. They seek out endorsements with local Hispanic radio stations.

In terms of customizing its product to the Latino market, Cricket does offer unlimited texting to Mexico and unlimited international calling.

But at the core of Cricket’s success is its competitive advantage which, according to Peggy Tsai, relies in cost leadership and innovation. Cost leadership is not a surprise because it just takes a quick review of other telecom companies’ plan prices to identify the value of Cricket’s services; they certainly offer more features for less and they do not require contracts.

Cricket’s approach is certainly a case of market segmentation and customizing the message and services to fit the needs of the Latino community.

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