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Brand your business to Hispanics, and they will bring their familia and amigos

April 4, 2010

Large air baloon gets your business noticed 24/7

Conventional wisdom in advertising postulates that you advertise a product or service at a good price often enough and the customers will follow.  That may work some of the time in the general market but in the Hispanic market it seldom works if your business is not branded.

The function of a business is to create a customer. It is only through the creation of a large customer base with repeat sales that profits can be achieved. Many small business are struggling due to the economic downturn. They are finding out that not only are they in competition with other similar businesses in their own industry, but every other business that now fights for the limited disposable income of their customers. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Back to business basics 101.

Houston is a very large metropolitan city with millions of potential customers. The problem is it now takes exponentially more money to effectively advertise to get new traffic to retail stores. So what is a distressed small business to do to survive? In short aggressively farm their existing customers and community.

Farming is the principle of marketing to and selling to as many households or individuals within a certain radius of a locale. This can be done through branding the business to this fertile grouping of potential customers. Here are some ideas that have worked for many small businesses on a shoe string budget.

Put up as many signs as the city will permit one to be noticed. With grand openings all kinds of signs, hoopla, and advertising is used to be noticed. This now needs to be done on a regular basis. Every month can have it’s own promotion tailored to coincide with holidays, special events, or shopping cycles.

Use shopping bag coupons or special offerings as bag stuffers. Partner up with non competing businesses and exchange coupons and flyers to cross advertise to the immediate community.

A $5.00 coupon used as a bag stuffer

Create a well written personalized invitation to visit the business. It is important to make it compelling and valuable driven to this exclusive crowd, right within this radius of the business. Perhaps a closeout sale of old inventory with deep discounts for households within a certain zip code.

Start a fan club with all kinds of benefits for frequent flyers that drop in on the business.

Offer a rewards program for referral business. A satisfied customer can potentially bring one, up to 250 new customers. Actuaries know this number from averaging attendance at funerals and weddings.

Once a small business owner engages the creativity of their staff as well as their own, there is literally no end to how many ways one can create new customers. Happy guerrilla marketing.

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