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12 days left to get your ticket to FIFA World Cup Throphy Tour

April 19, 2010

Houston- Marketers have long known that if one wants to sell products or services to Hispanics, they can’t go wrong if their advertising and marketing is tied to family, music, and sports.  It is no wonder that Coca Cola has strategically scored a golazo hitting all three with the FIFA  World Cup Trophy Tour.

Reinaldo Padua

Houston is the final stop for the viewing of the coveted trophy that scores of soccer gladiators aim to claim every four years. According to Reinaldo Padua Coke’s Assistant Vice-President of Hispanic marketing Houston was selected for it’s demographic make up.

Houston is a major metropolitan city with the majority 37.4% being Latino. A melting pot of Latin American immigrants who love Coke due to a strong association to the brand in their native country.  If you are from Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, or Venezuela you have several things in common, one of these is, you speak Coca Cola sabor.  The theme of the tour is “Live Positively”, a mantra that many Hispanics will identify with when you combine all the elements of the event.

The FIFA trophy will be on display two days May 1-2 at the University of Houston.  The campus is a perfect back drop being a multi national, multi cultural institution to the cultural festivities surrounding the World Tour Coke event.  Admittance is free with any of the cans of the special limited edition Coca Cola packaging or you can go online here to print out a pass.

May is typically a hot summer month in the space city and Coke is positioning itself to be the brand of choice for a cold beverage in the mind of both the general and Hispanic market.  It is no wonder that Coke is the most recognized and the most valued brand in the world.

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