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Zero in on what you do best to meet today’s business challenges

June 22, 2010

In the summer of 2009, an essential evolution took place at the award winning Houston-based design firm, Tribe Design. They regrouped and zeroed in on what they did best: simply providing first-rate graphic design work.

Some reasons for the transition included a crowded, increasingly competitive marketplace, offshoring, and selling
themselves as something they thought they should be, but weren’t. In reinventing the design shop and focusing on their
true strengths and core capabilities, Francisco Rios, Principal, Tribe Design, has managed to streamline operations and maintain a competitive stance.

Changing direction involved leaving the high-end office space in an impressive location and splitting up a partnership, but the tactical decision has resulted in lowering overhead, cutting expenses, and a honed strategy that suits their clients just fine.

Initially, the decision to maintain virtual offices among the staff was risky. In reality, the freedom of remote offices and self-directed schedules has supported a stronger creative energy.

The growth strategy included setting up Google Alerts to stay current on relevant news within a variety of industries. Expanding into fresh networking avenues, like becoming certified by the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council, and joining the University of Houston Small Business Development Center and maintaining consistent updates on social media sites has effectively increased the firm’s visibility. Reconnecting in a more personable way to their customer base has resulted in providing a higher quality of service.

The transition has allowed Tribe Design to increase profits by up to 40% and their work has received numerous accolades. In December, Tribe was selected for the 2009 Houston Award in the Graphic Arts category by the U.S. Commerce Association.

Founded in 1993, Tribe Design is a boutique graphic design firm committed to creating highly-effective marketing materials and improving brand recognition through print and web design. Francisco Rios is a former member of the board of directors of the Art Directors Club of Houston and currently serves on the board of the Midtown Management District.

Originally published by E-Network a publication of the Houston Minority Supplier Diversity Council

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  1. June 22, 2010 3:12 pm

    Focus, focus and re-focus! Great blog…

    You must have ‘laser precision focus’ to succeed in business.

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