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Counter Part Films cracks the Hispanic success code in more ways than one

October 18, 2010


MFAH Red Carpet Ceremony


Houston–When Gerardo Sr. and Eva Parra wanted to send their extended family in Brownsville and Mexico scenes of their family growing up, little did they know they were charting their twin boys’ future career.  They dreamed of their sons becoming engineers or lawyers upon graduation from Rice University.

Instead, their sons were imprinted when they used their 8mm film camera and in time a videotape camera to make short family movies. This early curiosity turned into passion and love for film making by Gerardo and Arturo Parra both graduates of The Art Institute of Houston. For being so young their film credits include some of the largest Hollywood movie studios including Disney, Columbia Pictures, Trouble Maker Studios, Back to Back Films, ESPN, Discovery, America’s Most Wanted, CBS, PBS, and others.

Houston and movie making are not synonymous in the film industry like New York or Los Angeles with very friendly tax laws and incentives to keep the film industry happy and thriving. This has not discouraged the Parra brothers as they do their part in supporting the local film industry.  One notable achievement on their repertoire of film projects is being selected by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in 2009 to film the red carpet ceremony of film maker Richard Linklater.

Gerardo and Arturo are bullish about the future of their chosen field with the advent of web 3.0 fueling   the demand for quality video and film on the web. They are out to help the small and medium sized Hispanic owned business reap the benefits of branding and growing their business with affordable video production. The current demand for streaming video on smart phones and digital tablets is forecast to explode.  Their company Counter Part Films is positioned to provide the talent and technology to help their growing customer base.

While there may be exceptions to the rule, generally baby boomer Hispanic entrepreneurs are late adopters with business innovation.  This has been a challenge that Gerardo and Arturo have tried to overcome by establishing themselves as trustworthy in a cost effective way by Wowing the customer. This has paid off with a strong following and a growing referral business from satisfied customers.

The most recent sweet spot hit by the Parra twins, has been being part of the start up staff for an expanding California TV network into the Houston market. Mi Casa Broadcasting’s strategy is to fill a need for positive programming aimed at bringing pride to the Hispanic community. This is a philosophical fit for both parties to showcase the Hispanic culture with pride.

With a strong commitment to helping other up and coming Hispanic cinematographers both Gerardo and Arturo pay it forward by supporting events and mentoring newcomers. This has led to Gerardo being voted the president of the local chapter of The National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

According to Gerardo, “Counter Part Films has the experience and talent to create everything from network commercials and corporate movies to professional family movies.”  Though technology and the times have changed from using an 8 mm camera these Generation Xers have the same childhood love and passion for making movies.

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