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Five Hispanic Marketing Myths That Need To Die

October 18, 2012

Hispanics don’t read. Latinos read quality content not what is currently being served in print media. When one travels to Latin America, reading more than one daily is the news staple of the masses. Many will be surprised to know that according to an independent reporting agency, the largest demographic of readers of the Houston Business Journal is Hispanics. If you want to reach Hispanics in print, size matters as well as the offer.

They are all alike because they speak Spanish. There are twenty four different countries that speak Spanish with very different cultures. Do you advertise frijoles or habichuelas? Well that depends on your reach. Every country has its unique semantic flavor to describe the same product.

Use hot Latinas in your advertising to be noticed. Many an ad campaign has gotten hot Latinas noticed not brands or messages. This is the era of Hispanics 3.0 an educated middle class with a purchasing power of over one trillion dollars per year. Houston has a high percentage of educated upper middle class households with annual incomes of over 100K.  Old stereotypes of Hispanic blue collar workers need to die.

Hispanics are cheap. Many a startup business has tried to sell cheap quality at cheap prices in Hispanic dense zip codes. These business never grow and they end up on the heap of “lo barato sale caro” (the cheap is expensive). Many brands have catered to Hispanics with price being relative to the appeal or value Hispanics wanted.

There are many myths out there amigos that keep brands pouring money down a bottomless hole. Don’t make the same mistakes mark your calendar to be at the:

AMA Houston Multicultural Event Committee Presents
How Businesses Can Better Reach An Ethnically Diverse Market

Friday, October 19, 2012
Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce Street
Houston, TX 77002
Go here to register online, seats are limited.

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