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Legalizing Millions Of Immigrants To Provide Economic Boost

January 30, 2013


Houston is a robust city that has weathered the economic downturn better than other urban areas. According to Stephen Klineberg, sociologist professor from Rice University, immigrants have contributed in large part to this strength and rebounding. The Greater Houston area is a melting pot of immigrants from around the world. This has fueled ethnic cottage businesses as well as creating an entire Asian community in Chinatown.

Front view of Supermercado Walmart

Front view of Supermercado Walmart

This week undocumented immigrants are front and center in the national debate for immigration reform. This  potentially provide some sort of legal status for the millions of immigrants that live in the shadows and currently deal in a black market for employment and business.

While the policy makers and economists crunch the numbers one thing is certain. The economic impact could be a windfall to the entire country. The Greater Houston Partnership is estimating that this could provide 1.4 billion in tax revenues for this area alone.

What does this mean for the business sector? In one word “growth.” Families with a guarantee of lawful status can establish roots in the community. This means purchase of homes, automobiles, furniture, insurance, travel, legal services, and all the other amenities Americans take for granted.

The businesses that are interested on this potential demographic need to perform their homework. We will be bringing you fresh and innovative strategies you can use in your marketing to Hispanic immigrants. We have decades of experience in helping startups to Fortune 500 companies navigate the opportunity and pitfalls of this valuable market segment. We also invite you to contact us for any specific topics you would like to see covered on our site.

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