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  1. All post must be related to the Hispanic marketing communications industry. Topics can include anything from Hispanic marketing research to Hispanic media.
  2. Please keep in mind that all posts are open for comments and that we expect all participants to be respectful of everyone’s opinions. If you notice any comments that you consider offensive, notify us as soon as possible.
  3. Be aware that the blog is open to the Internet community. This means that your comments will become public in the main Search Engines.
  4. If you post something attributable to someone else, do not forget to cite the source.
  5. Keep posts brief. No more than 1-2 short (250 words) paragraphs is advised.
  6. You should post depending on their time constrains but we encourage contributors to post at least twice a month.
  7. Try to avoid endorsing products and/or services in your blog post.
  8. Definetly avoid contacting any of the contributors to do a sales pitch.
  9. Try to encourage readers to comment on your post. A blog is about getting a conversation going.
  10. Try to include statistics, pictures, and links to other sites/articles in your posts. This will only help your post become more attractive to readers and to Search Engines too.

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